Our team is always eager to respond to your every need. We have a full staff complement to fulfil your every requirement.


We are fully versed in repairs to almost all makes and models of refrigerating and airconditioning equipment on the market.


We can do almost any type of installation conceivable. From residential to corporate, we can install and maintain it.


Our sales staff is always available to assist you with your quotation and expert advice is on hand.

Welcome !

 Welcome to Zululand Refrigeration. We are the proud importers of ACSION air conditioners in South-Africa, as well as providing the following services:

  •   Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning contractors.
  •   Direct importer of air conditioners.
  •   Central plants and packaged units.
  •   Semi-hemetic compressors.
  •   Vast spectrum of services, including spares, repairs and maintenance, installations and sales.
  •   Our company is committed to safety and has achieved a five star MBSA safety grading.

Due to Zululand Refrigeration's experience in the industry, our Customers remain loyal to the company. We offer a professional service with a quality product and suitably qualified staff. This service has taken years to refine, and with the implementation of new software to assist our personnel to maintain the delivery of a quality service to our Customers.

Having 44 years in the Industry with a strong financial standing, Customers take our guarantees more seriously than our competitors. The Customers see more "value" in our guarantees.